How to enhance diversity in software engineering teams [article]

Sharon Tettegah, Sandra Gesing, Yingtao Zhang, Rafael Ferreira Da Silva, Alan B. Craig
This research presented a set of mathematical models that examined the characteristics of engineering curricula. The project uses an exploratory sequential mixed methods design, which begins with exploratory activities and builds to more systematic testing of research questions concerning how particular user preferences influence student participation. Investigators will engage in data mining of syllabi, course content, public spaces, and instructor materials to aggregate information about
more » ... cula presented in different representational forms, such as equations, images, narratives, simulations, and videos. From these data, it is anticipated that qualitatively and quantitatively distinct profiles of course representations will be generated. The investigators will track longitudinal persistence of students in STEM, in relationship to course structure and individual learner preferences. Understanding the intersection between learner preferences and engineering curricula has the potential to improve engineering education and broaden participation in the field of engineering.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.14195459.v1 fatcat:m7uts6y47rahtgvqkm4hyd7z5y