Modeling the Functioning of the Half-Cells Photovoltaic Module under Partial Shading in the Matlab Package

Mariusz T. Sarniak
2020 Applied Sciences  
In this paper, the usefulness of photovoltaic modules built of half cells for partially obstructed photovoltaic (PV) installations was analyzed based on verified simulation studies. The parameters of these modules are similar to the classic, but the internal structure is different. Instead of 60 cells in a typical classic PV module, there are twice as many cells in modules with half cells. A simulation model was built in the Matlab/Simulink engineering calculations package, using the "Solar
more » ... " component, which is a double-diode PV cell replacement model. The simulation model reflects the internal structure of the PV module from half cells so that the output current is divided into two equal parts inside, and the structure of the module is divided into six sections. Simulation tests were performed for the same parameters that were measured during actual measurements of the current–voltage characteristics of the partially shaded PV module. Verification tests were carried out for the photovoltaic module—JAM60S03-320/PR—using the I–V 400 meter. Four different cases of partial shading of the module were verified and one for the case of no shading, but in conditions different from the standard, given by the manufacturer.
doi:10.3390/app10072575 fatcat:vfsbh5kvfzd3xlitncrizxfhzm