SITUASI PENYAKIT ANTRAKS DI PROVINSI NUSA TENGGARA TIMUR Situation of Anthrax Disease in East Nusa Tenggara Province

Ruben Wadu, Willa
Anthrax is a zoonotic disease, contagious and can be transmitted to humans. The disease is caused by Baccillus anthracis. This article describes the anthrax incident in East Nusa Tenggara province. Anthrax incidence data were obtained from the District Health Office report from 2003 to 2007. In addition to anthrax incident data, also used reviewed research on environment-related on anthrax incident. Results showed that the incidence of anthrax occurred in 3 districts during 2003 to 2007:
more » ... 003 to 2007: Southwest Sumba, Sikka and Ende. The highest number of cases occurred in Ende, where there were 25 cases, where as many as 2 of them were died. While in Southwest Sumba the number of cases were 18 cases and 5 of them were died. Until now there is still possibility of the occurence of anthrax incidence in East Nusa Tenggara province. So, there must be oversight of these in order to take action more quickly when a case of anthrax arise.