High Levels of Prebiotic Resistant Starch in Diet Modulate a Specific Pattern of miRNAs Expression Profile Associated to a Better Overall Survival in Pancreatic Cancer

Nadia Trivieri, Concetta Panebianco, Annacandida Villani, Riccardo Pracella, Tiziana Pia Latiano, Francesco Perri, Elena Binda, Valerio Pazienza
2020 Biomolecules  
Dietary patterns are well known risk factors involved in cancer initiation, progression, and in cancer protection. Previous in vitro and in vivo studies underline the link between a diet rich in resistant starch (RS) and slowing of tumor growth and gene expression in pancreatic cancer xenograft mice. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of a diet rich in resistant starch on miRNAs and miRNAs-target genes expression profile and on biological processes and pathways, that play a
more » ... ys, that play a critical role in pancreatic tumors of xenografted mice. miRNA expression profiles on tumor tissues displayed 19 miRNAs as dysregulated in mice fed with RS diet as compared to those fed with control diet and differentially expressed miRNA-target genes were predicted by integrating (our data) with a public human pancreatic cancer gene expression dataset (GSE16515). Functional and pathway enrichment analyses unveiled that miRNAs involved in RS diet are critical regulators of genes that control tumor growth and cell migration and metastasis, inflammatory response, and, as expected, synthesis of carbohydrate and glucose metabolism disorder. Mostly, overall survival analysis with clinical data from TCGA (n = 175) displayed that almost four miRNAs (miRNA-375, miRNA-148a-3p, miRNA-125a-5p, and miRNA-200a-3p) upregulated in tumors from mice fed with RS were a predictor of good prognosis for pancreatic cancer patients. These findings contribute to the understanding of the potential mechanisms through which resistant starch may affect cancer progression, suggesting also a possible integrative approach for enhancing the efficacy of existing cancer treatments.
doi:10.3390/biom11010026 pmid:33383727 fatcat:xqvvnhrpwnaylgccbp3bavroam