The methane footprint of nations: Evidence from global panel data

Octavio Fernandez-Amador, Joseph Francois, Doris Anita Oberdabernig, Patrick Tomberger
We develop a unique global dataset on methane inventories derived from production, final production, and consumption for 1997-2011. Anthropogenic emissions are quantitatively important for global warming and have increased about 25% from 1997-2011. The bulk of emissions produced is attributable to developing economies, though a considerable amount is exported to high income countries, which are net-importers of methane. Traded emissions have gained in importance with respect to total produced
more » ... issions and have increased from 18.5% to 22.9% between 1997 and 2011. Methane efficiency has improved very little during this period and realized efficiency gains differ considerably across country-groups and economic sectors, which indicates different abatement potentials.
doi:10.7892/boris.127715 fatcat:gt24iovjjfgqteii42l3z2rndq