Dalitz plot analyses of charmless b-hadron decays at LHCb

Stefano Perazzini
2016 Nuclear and Particle Physics Proceedings  
Charmless b-hadron decays are suppressed in the Standard Model by tiny CKM matrix elements which brings the tree amplitudes to levels comparable with loop amplitudes, and potentially New Physics amplitudes. CP violation measurements using Dalitz plot analyses in multi-body decays allow to disentangle these various contributions. In this document we report about the most recent measurements from LHCb in this sector. Firstly, the study of direct CP asymmetries over the Dalitz plane of the B + → π
more » ... lane of the B + → π + h + h − decays and the B + → K + h + h − decays (where h = π, K), will be presented (through this document the inclusion of charge conjugate is always implied, unless explicitly stated). Then the results obtained studying the B + → pph + decays will be shown. The measurements of the branching ratio of the B + →Λ(1520)p (withΛ(1520) →pK + ), of the forward-backward asymmetry of the light meson (π or K) in the pp rest frame and of the direct CP asymmetry over the B + → pph + Dalitz plane will be discussed.
doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysbps.2015.09.225 fatcat:jldypv5x5belta4dzk52z7yqzm