Plato and the Academy (Philodemus' "History of the Academic Philosophers")

Evgeny Afonasin
2020 Institutionalization of science and the scientific community  
The paper offers a Russian translation of the portion of the "History of the philosophers" by Philodemus, available in two Herculaneum papyri (PHerc. 1021 and PHerc. 164), which deals with the history of the foundation of the Athenian Academy and the biography of its founder. This important source, introduced and extensively commented in the article, allows highlighting the most interesting details of Plato's life and political pursuits both in Athens and in Sicily. The biographical details
more » ... ussed are reconstructed on the basis of the earliest evidence, including the Platonic letters, the works of the students of Aristotle Aristoxenus and Dicaearchus, the platonic philosopher Heraclides of Pontus, the Hellenistic historian Neanthes (who's information ultimately comes back to Isocrates), and some others. This gives the biography of Plato and the earliest history of Academy more credence.
doi:10.47850/rl.2020.1.1.7_24 fatcat:fzre6qi6nfafhj44g3uelbmdgu