Oscillation of a Class of Third Order Generalized Functional Difference Equation [post]

P.Venkata Mohan Reddy, Adem Kilicman, Maria Susai Manuel
2018 unpublished
The authors intend to establish new oscillation criteria for a class of generalized third order functional difference equation of the form \begin{equation}{\label{eq01}} \Delta_{\ell}\left(a_2(n)\left[\Delta_{\ell}\left(a_1(n)\left[\Delta_{\ell}z(n)\right]^{\beta_1}\right)\right]^{\beta_2}\right)+q(n)f(x(g(n)))=0, ~~n\geq n_0, \end{equation} where $z(n)=x(n)+p(n)x(\tau(n))$. We also present sufficient conditions for the solutions to converges to zero. Suitable examples are presented to validate
more » ... esented to validate our main results.
doi:10.20944/preprints201812.0349.v1 fatcat:wzgx6pyolfe6llzqdqfxnckfge