Gummi Formulations Comprising Amenamevir Solid Dispersions with Polyvinyl Alcohol

Yoshiaki Umemoto, Shimako Tanaka, Atsushi Kambayashi, Koki Sugimoto, Yasuharu Kashiwagura, Noriyuki Namiki, Shinya Uchida
2021 Chemical and pharmaceutical bulletin  
The aim of the present study was to determine whether solid dispersions (SDs) are applicable to gummi formulations. Amenamevir was selected as a model of a poorly water-soluble drug, and polyvinyl alcohols (PVAs) with various degrees of hydrolysis (PVA 66, PVA 80, PVA 88, and PVA 66/88) were used as SD carriers. Design of experiments (DOE) was used to develop a gummi formulation that was suitable for an amenamevir SD using SD with PVA 66. Dissolution studies and clinical sensory tests on 11
more » ... ulations calculated by DOE revealed that a gummi formulation comprising 10.5% gelatin and 22.8% water was suitable for SD of the drug. Gummi formulations comprising amenamevir SDs with various PVAs were prepared using the determined gummi formulation, and their ability to dissolve amenamevir, their stability, and their oral absorption in dogs were evaluated. The results suggested that PVA 66, PVA 66/88, and PVA 80 were appropriate in terms of dissolution, stability, and in vivo absorption, respectively. Considering these results comprehensively, it was concluded that PVA 80, which enabled the highest degree of absorption, was the most suitable SD carrier for gummi formulations. Thus, it was possible to apply a PVA SD of amenamevir to gummi formulations.
doi:10.1248/cpb.c21-00278 pmid:34470950 fatcat:pqb42uyb4jfb7oysk7flh3io5e