Targeting Chemotherapy Using Antibody-Combined Liposome against Human Pancreatic Cancer Cell-Line

1995 Tohoku journal of experimental medicine  
Anti-tumor effect of Adriamycin (ADM)-encapsulated and CA19-9 antibody-conjugated artificial lipid membrane follicle liposomes against a human pancreatic cancer cell-line PK-1 was studied in vitro and in vivo. The liposome compound (lipo c ADM=Ab) showed a stronger cell damage than ADM-encapsulated liposome (lipo c ADM) and free ADM, especially when the contact time was short and the concentration was low. The intra-tumor concentration of ADM in the group of i.v. injection of lipo c ADM= Ab
more » ... lipo c ADM= Ab showed the highest value, over twice those of lipo c ADM and free ADM after 120 hr. Lipo S ADM=Ab showed a significant inhibitory effect on the tumor growth inhibition test in vivo, and the final tumor weight at the 19th day was 27% in the group of lipo c ADM=Ab and 52% in the group of free ADM as compared with the control. The targeting chemotherapy using liposomes was demonstrated to have a stronger anti-tumor effect than the administration of anti-cancer drug alone owing to enhanced tumor accessibilty and good targeting. pancreatic cancer cells; liposome; CA19-9 antibody; targeting chemotherapy; Adriamycin The resection rate of pancreatic cancer is only 20 to 30% and the 5-year survival rate in cases of curative resection is only 10 to 20% (The Japan Pancreatic Society 1989). Thus, the pancreatic cancer is one of the poorest prognosis among solid cancers. According to autopsy findings in cases of recurrence after resection in our department, the liver metastasis was seen in almost all the cases. There are possibilities that cancer cells may be mechanically forced into the portal circulation by intraoperative manipulation or that latent liver metastasis may be present preoperatively, and the counter-measure against the latent liver metastasis is necessary for improvement of prognosis. For this reason, pre-operative immune therapy is applied in our department, and in addition intra-operative chemotherapy with high anti-tumor effect and little side effect is desirable.
doi:10.1620/tjem.175.29 pmid:7610458 fatcat:lapbkcgdlffqvmmrgkzswh4mdy