Interplay of paramagnetic, orbital, and impurity effects on the phase transition of a normal metal to the superconducting state

M. Houzet, V. P. Mineev
2006 Physical Review B  
We derive the generalized Ginzburg-Landau free energy functional for conventional and unconventional singlet superconductors in the presence of paramagnetic, orbital and impurity effects. Within the mean field theory, we determine the criterion for appearence of the non uniform (Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov) superconducting state, with vortex lattice structure and additional modulation along the magnetic field. We also discuss the possible change of the order of transition from normal to
more » ... erconducting state. We find that the superconducting phase diagram is very sensitive to geometrical effects such as the nature of the order parameter and the shape of the Fermi surface. In particular, we obtain the qualitative phase diagrams for three-dimensional isotropic s-wave superconductors and in quasi two-dimensional d-wave superconductors under magnetic field perpendicular to the conducting layers. In addition, we determine the criterion for instability toward non uniform superconducting state in s-wave superconductors in the dirty limit.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.74.144522 fatcat:jj33n2ggcbbwphg2a5rkewqcji