Synthesis of 4N- and Their Neighboring Nuclei by the Rapid Nuclear Process

Hiroyuki Tsuji
1963 Progress of theoretical physics  
699 It is investigated whether or not the nucleogenesis in the range A=20-40 is carried out in terms of the proton capturing process in the outer layer of a supernova envelope. The reaction rates induced by protons and a-particles are calculated for density (1O-5~1) g!cm3 at temperature (0.5~1.5) X109 OK. As its result, it is found that the a-particle reactions are of negligible effects for the synthesis of elements in the range of interest. If the explosion time of a supernova may be assumed
more » ... va may be assumed to be (2-5) X 103 sec, it is indicated that the relative abundances of the 4N-nuclei, 20Ne, 24Mg, 288i, 328, 36A and 40Ca can be explained by the proton capturing process starting from 20Ne alone.
doi:10.1143/ptp.29.699 fatcat:akliy6i57vdrfeudahwqiwxb7y