Projectile's Velocity Effect for Voltage Induced at Sensing Coil for Applying to Air Bursting Munition

Kwon-Sang Ryu, Jun-Goo Shin, Kyu-Chae Jung, Derac. Son
2013 Journal of Magnetics  
We designed a model composed of a ring type magnet, a yoke, and a sensing coil embedded in a projectile for simulating the muzzle velocity. The muzzle velocity was obtained from the master curve for the induced voltage at sensing coil and the velocity as the projectile pass through the magnetic field. The induced voltage and the projectile's velocity are fitted by the 2 nd order polynomial. The skin effect difference between projectiles which consist of aluminum-aluminum and aluminum-steel was
more » ... mall. The projectile will surely be burst at the pre-determined target area using the flight time and the projectile muzzle velocity calculated from the voltage induced at the sensing coil on the projectile.
doi:10.4283/jmag.2013.18.2.090 fatcat:qmixp5olnzcvdnfrkr6nqicfeq