Silicon Micromachining for High Performance Passive Structures at W Band

B. Guillon, K. Grenier, T. Parra, P. Pons, D. Cros, P. Blondy, J. Graffeuil, J. L. Cazaux, R. Plana
2002 Active and Passive Electronic Components  
This paper presents a micromachined technology allowing the realization of very high aspect ratio millimeter-wave circuits. Appropriate 3D electromagnetic simulations based on the finite element method have been implemented to design the circuits. Coplanar transmission lines featuring loss level in the 2 dB range up to 105 GHz have been realized. An original silicon micromachined cavity using the whispering gallery modes properties has been realized achieving a quality factor close to 10,000 range at 95 GHz.
doi:10.1080/08827510211278 fatcat:lfhafqkwovgvjfuhgicfmj7qxy