MicroServices Suite for Smart City Applications

Claudio Badii, Pierfrancesco Bellini, Angelo Difino, Paolo Nesi, Gianni Pantaleo, Michela Paolucci
2019 Sensors  
Smart Cities are approaching the Internet of Things (IoT) World. Most of the first-generation Smart City solutions are based on Extract Transform Load (ETL); processes and languages that mainly support pull protocols for data gathering. IoT solutions are moving forward to event-driven processes using push protocols. Thus, the concept of IoT applications has turned out to be widespread; but it was initially "implemented" with ETL; rule-based solutions; and finally; with true data flows. In this
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doi:10.3390/s19214798 pmid:31690012 pmcid:PMC6864587 fatcat:b5v4z537trgbfnvconqhsl7ogy