1902 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
the laity. In all of these diseases the danger of infection could be very much reduced if care were taken that the infected material thrown into the air in coughing, etc., were not allowed to enter the mouth and throat of the attendants, and if the sputum were carefully disinfected, and the hands sterilized after being contaminated by the secretions from the local disease, especially before eating. It is scarcely desirable to adopt such thorough isolation, etc., as are required in the more
more » ... ntly contagious diseases, but by relatively simple measures many cases might be prevented. CHURCH HYGIENE. Our contemporary, the London Lancet, calls attention to the aid in combating infectious diseases which may be afforded by the clergy through their influence over the laity in such matters as vaccination, ventilation, etc. This general influence over individuals is not the only
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