Correlation between radiographic and histopathologic findings in distinction of jaw intraosseous lesions

S Rahrotaban, M Tofangchiha, F Karbaski
2013 Downloaded from at   unpublished
Radiographic diagnosis is extremely important for evaluation and treatment of intra osseous lesions of jaws. The important point is whether excisional surgery could be performed without biopsy and histopathology report. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between radiographic and histopathological findings in distinction of maxillary and mandibular intraosseous lesions. This was a descriptive study in which slides of 41 available radiographs of patients who were referred
more » ... s who were referred to oral and maxillofacial pathology department of Qazvin Dental School during 1998-2010 evaluated by three radiologists. Each radiologist made three differential diagnoses for each lesion. The data provided by radiologists were compared with pathology reports. The highest level of agreement was associated with non-odontogenic cysts and the lowest agreement with malignancies. Considering the data found in the present study, radiographic findings alone are not enough for diagnosis of these lesions and histopathological evaluation is the most important part of diagnosis prior to treatment.