A comparison between aquatic birds of lakes and coastal rivers in Florida [chapter]

Mark V. Hoyer, Sky K. Notestein, Thomas K. Frazer, Daniel E. Canfield
Limnology and Aquatic Birds  
Aquatic birds were counted on five Gulf coast Florida rivers to determine if these river systems supported densities, biomass and species richness similar to those found on Florida lakes. Forty-two species were identified and for the species that were found on both Florida streams and lakes similar densities and biomass were encountered. As with Florida lakes, stream bird abundance and species richness were higher in winter months than in summer months, a consequence of migratory bird
more » ... s. Total bird abundance, biomass per unit of phosphorus, and species richness per unit of area were similar to data collected on Florida lakes. Thus, Florida rivers are capable of supplying sufficient resources to maintain bird densities, biomass and species richness values similar to lakes of equal size and nutrient concentrations and are therefore important habitats for aquatic bird populations. An examination of individual habitat characteristics indicates that water depth was inversely correlated and submersed aquatic vegetation was positively correlated with bird density, biomass and species richness within the river systems. While both habitat characteristics are important they are also inversely related making it difficult to separate the individual significance of each characteristic.
doi:10.1007/978-1-4020-5556-0_2 fatcat:mxeqkcpu7rc2phc3eh6lfu55gy