Environment with reduced ion bombardment energy for levitated particles in an rf plasma

S Shimizu, B M Annaratone, T Shimizu, W Jacob, H Thomas, G E Morfill
2008 Plasma Sources Science & Technology  
We describe levitation of diamond fine particles in the H 2 rf plasma chamber equipped with an adaptive rf electrode. Since suppression of ion bombardment is essential for crystalline diamond growth, we use an adaptive rf electrode system in a parallel-plate capacitively coupled rf plasma in order to levitate particles in a quasineutral "spot plasma" region. Here the ions energy corresponds only to the floating potential of the particles without the additional energy of the streaming ions as in
more » ... treaming ions as in the sheath. One can expect ion bombardment with greatly reduced ion energy when this technique is applied to diamond deposition on levitated particles.
doi:10.1088/0963-0252/17/3/035014 fatcat:p5teygysijau7gggklz55x3kxa