Evaluation of Treatment by Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in a Rabbit Hyphema Model

Gregor Wollensak, Felix Muchamedjarow, Richard Funk
2003 Ophthalmologica  
Purpose: Previous clinical studies have suggested a positive effect of low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) on wound healing and inflammation in the eye. We tried to test the value of PEMF treatment in a hyphema animal model with well-defined conditions. Methods: After injection of citrated autologous blood for the production of hyphema, 16 rabbit eyes were treated with 10 or 20 mT for 60 min on 4 days within the postoperative week. Two control groups with hyphema alone (n = 8)
more » ... ma alone (n = 8) and PEMF irradiation without hyphema (n = 4) were also included. The rate of resorption was recorded daily. Histopathologic evaluation was performed. Results: The incidence of endothelial cell damage and fibrotic clots was markedly reduced in the 10-mT group while the resorption time of 8 days was identical with the control group. In the 20-mT group, the complication rate and the resorption time was increased versus the control group. Conclusions: The use of PEMF treatment is of some, however, limited value as it did not reduce the resorption time of hyphema but displayed a dose-dependent, beneficial influence on some serious side effects. Future clinical studies with low-dose PEMF irradiation are justified and should determine the optimal dosage and suitable indications of PEMFs as an adjunctive treatment in ocular inflammation or trauma.
doi:10.1159/000068564 pmid:12592054 fatcat:vtrg6ip7pndxpnoa6kzrkyfw3a