A Gentle Introduction to Deep Learning for Graphs [article]

Davide Bacciu, Federico Errica, Alessio Micheli, Marco Podda
2019 arXiv   pre-print
The adaptive processing of graph data is a long-standing research topic which has been lately consolidated as a theme of major interest in the deep learning community. The snap increase in the amount and breadth of related research has come at the price of little systematization of knowledge and attention to earlier literature. This work is designed as a tutorial introduction to the field of deep learning for graphs. It favours a consistent and progressive introduction of the main concepts and
more » ... rchitectural aspects over an exposition of the most recent literature, for which the reader is referred to available surveys. The paper takes a top-down view to the problem, introducing a generalized formulation of graph representation learning based on a local and iterative approach to structured information processing. It introduces the basic building blocks that can be combined to design novel and effective neural models for graphs. The methodological exposition is complemented by a discussion of interesting research challenges and applications in the field.
arXiv:1912.12693v1 fatcat:lww6akhmuvbe5hu335hl7ggghu