Analysis on "Collusion": The Possibility of a New Type of Rent-seeking in the Separation System of Education Powers in China

Yangchun Sun, Anqi Xu
2019 Higher Education Research  
Identifying and avoiding education rent-seeking is an important issue in improving the structure of education governance and establishing a modern education governance system. By using critical discourse analysis, his study attempts to explore rent-seeking within education powers under the separation system. "Collusion" is a new type of rent-seeking in education powers under the background of the separation of supervision, running and evaluation. Once it happens, it will bring serious hazards
more » ... governance. Moreover, collusion is overlooked easily. Previous research on education rent-seeking was mostly concentrated on rent-seeking of "monopoly power"; However, far too little attention has been paid to the rent-seeking of "union power" that may appear in the separation system of supervision, running and evaluation. Collusion is also known as conspiracy and complicity. The study found that the forms of collusion in education include the collusion between running and evaluation and the collusion between supervision and running. The "essence" of education collusion is to seek union rent in a more subtle form. Collusion in education may generate "potential hazards" of disrupting the cooperative order of honesty and trustworthiness, reducing the level of interaction and cooperation, gaining the short-term union but damaging the public interest ultimately, thus causing serious threats to the "benign interaction among supervision, running and evaluation".
doi:10.11648/j.her.20190404.13 fatcat:w4n7pycdwrdhthgs52owqqwjf4