Synthesis of novel benzothiazole compounds with an extended conjugated system

2007 ARKIVOC  
Novel cyano-substituted benzothiazoles (Schemes 1 and 2) were synthesized, which possess an extended conjugated system. Compound 6 consists of two benzothiazole units with bis(4vinylphenyl)acrylonitrile as a bridging group and compound 12 was two benzothiazole units and two dodecyloxy bis(4-vinylphenyl)-acrylonitrile units. Absorption and fluorescence properties were studied for compounds 6 and 12. Optical properties The fluorescence and UV-vis spectra were measured under ambient conditions.
more » ... ient conditions. The THF solvent was HPLC grade for absorption and fluorescence mesurements. Concentrations of compounds were about 1×10 -5 M. The maximum absorption peaks of the bis{4-[(E)-2-(benzo[d]thiazol-2yl)vinyl]phenyl} acrylonitrile 6 and disulfide 12 are at 405 nm and 385 nm, respectively ( Figure 1 ). The absorption peak of 6 was shifted to the red, due to lengthing of a π-conjugated system. However, the absorbance of disulfide 12 was stronger than that of acrylonitrile 6, because of the more π-conjugated moiety in 12. Molar extinction coefficients (ε) of acrylonitrile 6 and disulfide 12 at peak maximum position are 1.7×10 4 and 9.6×10 4 , respectively.
doi:10.3998/ark.5550190.0008.g12 fatcat:vab67kx6gzertcvzjl36vcs6si