Implementation and Comparison of High-Resolution Spatial Discretization Schemes for Solving Two-Fluid Seven-Equation Two-Pressure Model

Pan Wu, Fei Chao, Dan Wu, Jianqiang Shan, Junli Gou
2017 Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations  
As compared to the two-fluid single-pressure model, the two-fluid seven-equation two-pressure model has been proved to be unconditionally well-posed in all situations, thus existing with a wide range of industrial applications. The classical 1st-order upwind scheme is widely used in existing nuclear system analysis codes such as RELAP5, CATHARE, and TRACE. However, the 1st-order upwind scheme possesses issues of serious numerical diffusion and high truncation error, thus giving rise to the
more » ... enge of accurately modeling many nuclear thermal-hydraulics problems such as long term transients. In this paper, a semi-implicit algorithm based on the finite volume method with staggered grids is developed to solve such advanced well-posed two-pressure model. To overcome the challenge from 1st-order upwind scheme, eight high-resolution total variation diminishing (TVD) schemes are implemented in such algorithm to improve spatial accuracy. Then the semi-implicit algorithm with high-resolution TVD schemes is validated on the water faucet test. The numerical results show that the high-resolution semi-implicit algorithm is robust in solving the two-pressure two-fluid two-phase flow model; Superbee scheme and Koren scheme give two highest levels of accuracy while Minmod scheme is the worst one among the eight TVD schemes.
doi:10.1155/2017/4252975 fatcat:hgbcqkmbivg7rfh3bv4pur7bsi