Effect of extra-corporeal Cases of nonunion and delayed u

Mukesh Phalak, Saumil Patel
2015 unpublished
Long bone fractures are refractory disabilities. With newer modalities of treatment and better quality implants for fracture fixation, most of the complications have been reduced. Even though this is complication after skeletal trauma or elective surgery and surgical modality of treatment of such chronic nonunion has its own dreaded complications which has produced a need of an effective and treatment. Material and methods: received shock wave treatment. The intensity of shock wave varied
more » ... k wave varied depending on bone fractured and are The shock waves were applied in two planes and the region of metallic internal fixation such as cortical plates was avoided..Presence of intramedullary rod did not interfere with application of shock wave and was not a contraindication for shock wave therapy. Results: signs of union or clinical improvement after ESWL treatment. Two out of remaining 5 patients showed consolidation after second dose of ESWT whereas remaining three cases of hypertrophic nonunion were treated by surgery. of 7 atrophic non union 3 showed union while remaining 4 showed no union on x ray or no clinical improvement at all. Out of these four, three got operated for pers Conclusion: Extracorpeal shock wave therapy is an effective noninvasive method of nonunion treatment with comparable positive results to surgical modality of treatment. Further if stringent gap less than 5 mm, patient with hypertrophic nonunion) the success rate would have been higher.