Bridge between Oriental and Western Medicine in Edo era

2004 Kampo Medicine  
Dr. Yoshiwo Kozaymon Kogiu (1724-1800) was a Dutch interpreter in Nagasaki in Edo period. His private school was very successful where practical Dutch Medicine based on Dutch language education was taught. His theory was based on Dr. Buyzen's theory called "Verhandeling van Uitwerpingen des Menshelyke Lighaams". The resource of his private school was the proceeds gained by "van Swieten Liquid" for the treatment of syphilis. His theory strongly affected the medical society in Edo, including Dr.
more » ... aeno Ryotaku and Dr. Sugita Genpaku and later spread all over Japan. He opened his own theory and knowledge. He also shared his intellectual property and treatment technique with his disciples. His way of thought was so modern and shared with the trends in the present days.
doi:10.3937/kampomed.55.627 fatcat:hfjbf5qxgrhtheqml4ay5r2xgy