Jayasri Devi, Tribeni Medhi
2016 Journal of Evidence Based Medicine and Healthcare  
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The "fallopian tubes" (oviducts or uterine tubes) are long paired flexuous reproductive organ which transports ova, spermatozoa, zygotes, the pre-implantation morulae and blastocyst. It has major role during reproductive period, but it remains as if vestigial organ before puberty and after menopause. Due to increasing rate of tubal block and infertility, oviducts and their structures gaining importance and have become a subject of research in present days particularly
more » ... particularly epithelium. The aim of the study is to ascertain any histological difference of tubal epithelium in different age groups and the research work could be utilized for investigation and management of infertility. MATERIALS AND METHODS Seven samples of each group i.e., prereproductive, reproductive & postmenopausal were collected from fresh unembalmed human cadavers received in the department of Anatomy, FAA Medical College, Barpeta, Assam. The slides were prepared using the standard laboratory procedure. Under low and high power objectives the type of cells were observed and epithelial height was measured in the different segments. Stress was given for any significant difference of epithelial height between the different age groups. RESULTS Study revealed that among the groups within the same segment, epithelial height was recorded highest (33.57µm) in reproductive group as against the lowest (22.91µm) in post-menopausal group. Epithelial structures of the prereproductive and reproductive groups were significantly differed (p<0.01) from the postmenopausal group. CONCLUSIONS From the findings of the present study it can be concluded that: 1. In all the groups fallopian tubal epithelium is of simple columnar type and contains three types of cells. Cells are ciliated, secretory & peg (intercalary) cells. 2. In all the groups same type of increasing trend of epithelial height from intramural segment to ampullary segment was recorded. 3. In intergroup comparison of epithelial height in the same segment prereproductive and reproductive groups were significantly differed (p< 0.01) from the postmenopausal group. HOW TO CITE THIS ARTICLE: Devi J, Medhi T. Studies on human fallopian tubal epithelium in different age groups.
doi:10.18410/jebmh/2016/91 fatcat:m3y6vgg37bbq3cvlhjrn3pikyy