RH-5992--an ecdysone agonist on model system of the silkworm Bombyx mori

V S Kumar, M Santhi, M Krishnan
2000 Indian journal of experimental biology  
RH-5992 is a novel synthetic non-steroidal ecdysteroid agonist with a high selectivity towards Lepidopteran species. The effect of ecdysone agonist RH-5992 on larval period, larval weight, silk gland weight and haemolymph protein profile were examined in the model organism, the larvae of silkworm, Bombyx mori. The LD50 values were found to be 16.21 and 12.01 micrograms/larva for 72 and 96 hr respectively. In the present study, three sublethal concentrations of 1/5th, 1/10th and 1/20th of LD50
more » ... 72 hr were selected and applied on the mid-dorsal line of the silkworm B. mori. The maximum mortality of 35% was observed in the group which received the highest (3.2 micrograms/larva) concentration of RH-5992. The mortality rate was found to be dose dependent as well as time dependent. Interesting results were observed in haemolymph profile of the RH-5992 treated larvae as staining intensity of 30 kDa protein decreased significantly whereas the effect was not marked on other major proteins like storage proteins and vitellogenin polypeptides. From the results, it is confirmed that RH-5992 causes changes in larval characters and protein profile of silkworm B. mori. It is proposed that RH-5992 may cause negative effect specifically on reproductive characters like development of ovary and egg production due to decrease in 30 kDa protein.
pmid:11218829 fatcat:lpwqdxpepfastgg4x7b256k6qe