The influence of social vulnerability and illicit drug use on recidivism of young offenders - doi: 10.5102/rbpp.v3i1.1917

Professora Monica Concha, Dr. José Roberto Iglesias, Dr. Flávio V. Comim
2013 Revista Brasileira de Políticas Públicas  
The objective of this paper is to analyze factors related with the behavior of adolescents in Conflict with the Law through the study of the relationship between recidivism in youth detention centers (YDC) and their family context, social and neighborhoods context. In this paper we identify a negative correlation between a good performance on the Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) calculated in 2004, by districts in Porto Alegre, that means low social vulnerability and recidivism in YDC. The
more » ... sm in YDC. The information used here was obtained from 138 Medical records at Fundação de Atendimento Sócio-Educativo (FASE). We propose a logistic regression model to understand how risk factors for delinquency in family context and social context correspond with the available statistics of adolescents in detention centers. In this capital city, an important factor to explain the recidivism in delinquency is the drug use of "marijuana-and-solvents" and "crack" when compared with the category of "denies or does not use drugs". The results suggest that one should incorporate into the analysis the drug consumption between adolescents and their treatment in public or private health institutions. Additional work should be carried out not only in Porto Alegre but in other Brazilian cities. This work is original and useful for Law and Social Sciences research and public policies about Drugs, Delinquency and the Juvenile Court in Brazil.
doi:10.5102/rbpp.v3i1.1917 fatcat:tqwadohlzzgrlcuogcfsncvs5m