Joule-Thomson Coefficient of van der Waals Gas Based on p,Vm and 3D μJ-T-p-T Profile

Xiangming Feng, Jinyun Zheng, Weihua Chen, Xinxin Guan, Jianmin Zhang
2021 University Chemistry  
The effect of state parameters on Throttling Expansion is less investigated in the current tutorials of physical chemistry. Therefore, Joule-Thomson coefficient containing p,Vm was rudimentarily discussed based on van der Waals gas. Taking Nitrogen gas as an example, 3D μJ-T-p-T profile and 2D contour map were further plotted by converting independent variables p,Vm into p,T by means of van der Waals equation to reflect the dependence of μJ-T on p,T more intuitively.
doi:10.3866/pku.dxhx202109096 fatcat:vrgthgsvcfbbzdecif2pyaubye