Holographic real-time nonrelativistic correlators at zero and finite temperature

Edwin Barnes, Diana Vaman, Chaolun Wu
2010 Physical Review D  
We compute a variety of two and three-point real-time correlation functions for a strongly-coupled non-relativistic field theory. We focus on the theory conjectured to be dual to the Schrödinger-invariant gravitational spacetime introduced by Balasubramanian, McGreevy, and Son, but our methods apply to a large class of non-relativistic theories. At zero temperature, we obtain time-ordered, retarded, and Wightman non-relativistic correlators for scalar operators of arbitrary conformal dimension
more » ... irectly in field theory by applying a certain lightlike Fourier transform to relativistic conformal correlators, and we verify that non-relativistic AdS/CFT reproduces the results. We compute thermal two and three-point real-time correlators for scalar operators dual to scalar fields in the black hole background which is the finite temperature generalization of the Schrödinger spacetime. This is done by first identifying thermal real-time bulk-to-boundary propagators, which combined with Veltman's circling rules, yield two and three-point correlators. The two-point correlators we obtain satisfy the Kallen-Lehmann relations. We also give retarded and time-ordered three-point correlators.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.82.125042 fatcat:bnt4fhq4wzdetf77a44dcsfjga