1846 The Lancet  
45 the tonsils and fauces appear[s] to have been arrested by the first application of caustic, and she swallows well.—Four P.M.: Pulse rather better; has kept down the cold chicken-broth, but not the effervescing mixture.-Nine P.M.: Pulse 120 and firmer. To take port wine-and-water, and chicken-broth, and a little plain ice; discontinue effervescing mixture, and re-Ruine the acid one ; to take morphine draught. " 18th.—Nine A.M. Has had but little sleep ; pulse 120 and firmer ; the rash
more » ... ; the rash disappearing, but the skin round the mammas very red from scratching; has not been sick since last night at twelve o'clock. Repeat the morphine draught directly.-Two P.M.: Has had some quiet sleep ; pulse 120 ; countenance more cheerful. To have (at her own earnest request) some bitter beer; continue port wine, chicken-broth, and acid mixture. Bowels not relieved--Ten P.M: Enjoyed the beer, and slept well after it; pulse 120 ; no sickness. Continue everything as before, and morphine at bed-time. " 19th.-Nine A.M. Has not passed a good night; is very restless and low ; pulse feeble ; no dejection. Gave a wineglass of port wine-and-water, and added four drachms of acid to the mixture, making an ounce and a half of acid in sixounce mixture, a fourth part every three hours; to have
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