Manipulation ofp-Wave Scattering of Cold Atoms in Low Dimensions Using the Magnetic Field Vector

Shi-Guo Peng, Shina Tan, Kaijun Jiang
2014 Physical Review Letters  
It is well-known that the magnetic Feshbach resonances of cold atoms are sensitive to the magnitude of the external magnetic field. Much less attention has been paid to the direction of such a field. In this work we calculate the scattering properties of spin polarized fermionic atoms in reduced dimensions, near a p-wave Feshbach resonance. Because of spatial anisotropy of the p-wave interaction, the scattering has nontrivial dependence on both the magnitude and the direction of the magnetic
more » ... ld. In addition, we identify an inelastic scattering process which is impossible in the isotropic-interaction model; the rate of this process depends considerably on the direction of the magnetic field. Significantly, an EPR entangled pair of identical fermions may be produced during this inelastic collision. This work opens a new method to manipulate resonant cold atomic interactions.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.112.250401 pmid:25014794 fatcat:jrzq5rvpsvbhva3k7b45f4a3ly