Reviewer Comments [peer_review]

2021 unpublished
Interactive comment on "Sensitivity of the surface energy budget to drifting snow as simulated by MAR in coastal Adelie Land, Antarctica" by Louis Le Toumelin et al. This is an interesting study on the impact of drifting and blowing snow on boundary layer meteorology, surface radiation and energy balance in Terre Adélie, a region on the slopes of the East Antarctic ice sheet. A 9-yr time series (2010-18) of observations at a site near the coast is used to validate the regional climate model
more » ... l climate model MAR. Methodology, presentation and discussion of results as well as the conclusions are sound. One of the main findings is that sublimation of drifting-snow particles leads at the surface to a reduction in sensible and latent heat exchange, which is compensated by an increase in net radiative forcing. While the net impact on total surface energy budget, and therefore surface temperature, is minimal, structure of the lower atmosphere is modified, which needs to be resolved in climate models to understand impact of warming on air-surface C1
doi:10.5194/tc-2020-329-rc2 fatcat:olrunndf4jbadk4m52b4uutc6a