The Abundances of Chemical Elements in the Atmospheres of K-supergiants in the Small Magellanic Cloud and Arcturus

Vera Gopka, Alexander Yushchenko, Sergey Andrievsky, Stephane Goriely, Svetlana Vasiléva, Young W. Kang
2005 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
The results of a spectrum synthesis analysis of elemental abundances derived from the high-resolution CCD-spectrograms of the SMC red supergiant stars PMMR23 and PMMR39 (stars 23 & 39 in the catalogue Prevot et al. 1983 ) are presented. The abundances of 35 elements in the atmosphere of PMMR23 have been obtained. Elements with atomic numbers Z<56 are deficient with respect to the solar abundances. The mean underabundance is about -0.7 dex. The abundances of elements heavier than barium are
more » ... to the solar value. In the case of PMMR23, the atmosphere is enriched in elements heavier than barium which show abundances close to the solar value. These abundances can be explained as a combination of r-and s-processes. In PMMR39, all the 20 studied elements present abundances deficient with respect to solar values The abundances of 31 elements with Z > 30 are determined in the atmosphere of Arcturus.
doi:10.1017/s174392130500640x fatcat:ws6zcvxqvbaljp7kj75bc63t2u