Vectorlike quarks and heavy colored bosons at the LHC

A. Deandrea, A. M. Iyer
2018 Physical Review D  
We investigate the production of heavy coloured scalars and vectors and their relevance at LHC for the study of vector-like quarks (T). These coloured states (C) are present in a large number of extensions of the standard model, in particular in composite models and in extra dimensional models. Assuming that these bosonic states are heavier than the vector-like quarks (VLQ), we consider their production through the process p p→ C→ tT. Large QCD production cross-sections for C enable us to probe
more » ... heavier masses for the VLQ and thereby allowing to put stronger limits on the vector-like quarks which are produced in their decay chain. We adopt a universal analysis strategy by including leptons under the classification of 'jets', thereby limiting the bias towards a specific combination of final state. We also study the possibility of disentangling these scenarios from supersymmetric extensions of the Standard Model by using simple discriminants based on jet multiplicity and missing energy. We demonstrate that a simple set of cuts are sufficient to disentangle the VLQ signal from the backgrounds. In models with a moderate B.R.(C→ Tt), the analysis enables one to get a hint of VLQ masses as heavy as 3 TeV.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.97.055002 fatcat:u3yertqsvzfvzeo6nqcienctgu