1918 Archives of Internal Medicine  
During my work on dementia precox, the dialysis method of Abderhalden, slightly modified, proved to be of great value. Yet, as this method did not, for certain reasons, become very popular, I thought it imperative to show that if used properly it is quite reliable and more than that, it can be of great value in the clinical diagnosis of obscure cases. It seemed advisable to attempt to localize by this method those gross brain lesions which could be verified either by an operation or by
more » ... or by unmistakable clinical evidence. The technic used in all experiments was a modification of the original method based on nearly 4,000 tests, was easy to perform, less complicated and perfectly reliable. The detailed description of this modification will be found in the latter part of this article. In the cases in which the dialysis method has been used for the purpose of a focal brain diagnosis, twenty-five have been sufficiently studied clinically or verified by operation or necropsy to be considered. The clinical diagnosis or symptoms were not known to me in most of the cases of this series. The serum was delivered for examination with only the general information that the patient suffered from some brain lesion, the location of which was not even suggested, but which I was requested to locate by serologie means.
doi:10.1001/archinte.1918.00090130110008 fatcat:4qduuxmor5g7lpjuw5yoaozy2u