Influence of sulfur in coals on char morphology and combustion. [Quarterly] technical report, December 1, 1991--February 29, 1992 [report]

H. Marsh, J.C. Crelling
1992 unpublished
{ "" .--4 "-'lr--" hl.r-2 I m Pc/gn34-,-48 ! ABSTRACT Du_ing coal pyrolysis, in applications such as in a utility boiler, sulfur which is present in the original coal is transferred to the resultant char, to be burnt (combusted) subsequently. The influence of sulfur on char reactivity to combustion gases is not well-documented and this study addresses that problem. -_ United States Govcrnrr)cnt o.r any agency ,thereof.
doi:10.2172/10166379 fatcat:3r2ei7c325h6zms3pz5icyavse