Localization of cerebral activity during simple singing

David W. Perry, Robert J. Zatorre, Michael Petrides, Bessie Alivisatos, Ernst Meyer, Alan C. Evans
1999 NeuroReport  
CEREBRAL blood¯ow (CBF) was measured with PET during rudimentary singing of a single pitch and vowel, contrasted to passive listening to complex tones. CBF increases in cortical areas related to motor control were seen in the supplementary motor area, anterior cingulate cortex, precentral gyri, anterior insula (and the adjacent inner face of the precentral operculum) and cerebellum, replicating most previously seen during speech. Increases in auditory cortex were seen within right Heschl's
more » ... , and in the posterior superior temporal plane (and the immediately overlying parietal cortex). Since cortex near right Heschl's has been linked to complex pitch perception, its asymmetric activation here may be related to analyzing the fundamental frequency of one's own voice for feedback-guided modulation. NeuroReport 10:3979±3984 # 1999 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
doi:10.1097/00001756-199911080-00035 pmid:10599861 fatcat:ey5bgbl2ovdb5hhrfg4yreiiyi