From A Glance to "Gotcha": Interactive Facial Image Retrieval with Progressive Relevance Feedback [article]

Xinru Yang, Haozhi Qi, Mingyang Li, Alexander Hauptmann
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Facial image retrieval plays a significant role in forensic investigations where an untrained witness tries to identify a suspect from a massive pool of images. However, due to the difficulties in describing human facial appearances verbally and directly, people naturally tend to depict by referring to well-known existing images and comparing specific areas of faces with them and it is also challenging to provide complete comparison at each time. Therefore, we propose an end-to-end framework to
more » ... retrieve facial images with relevance feedback progressively provided by the witness, enabling an exploitation of history information during multiple rounds and an interactive and iterative approach to retrieving the mental image. With no need of any extra annotations, our model can be applied at the cost of a little response effort. We experiment on CelebA and evaluate the performance by ranking percentile and achieve 99% under the best setting. Since this topic remains little explored to the best of our knowledge, we hope our work can serve as a stepping stone for further research.
arXiv:2007.15683v1 fatcat:2arqgreb45bbhev7zpi5gd37y4