The Issue Flow Concave Surface Flow in Compressible Fluid
К вопросу обтекания вогнутой поверхности потоком сжимаемой жидкости

Samara T. Zhusupbekova
2016 Journal of Siberian Federal University Engineering & Technologies  
The article deals with Gertler vortices in the boundary layer of fluid applied typical range of variation of the wavelength of the vortices. Formulated boundary problem for the typical shortwavelength regime. The development of vortices Gertler in compressible, especially hypersonic flows, attracted by now considerable interest in the development of new technologies, namely the creation of new supersonic little turbulent wind tunnel and the design of hypersonic aircraft, which detect the
more » ... n of the laminar-turbulent transition and finding the distributions and peak values of the heat flows are key elements. In this article the mathematical model describing the nonlinear stage of development of disturbances in compressible boundary layer in the field of centrifugal forces at large, but subcritical Reynolds numbers and Gertler. This model is designed for the description of the vortices Gertler, and to describe the perturbed flows about local or periodic irregularities in the transverse direction or the other spatial disturbed flow. For small amplitudes of perturbations of nonlinear boundary value problems are reduced to linear problems of the theory of stability, which so far developed only in fragments. Based on the method of matched asymptotic expansions we studied some linear modes of perturbations in the field of centrifugal forces. In particular, The role of the transition temperature layer in the development of disturbances in hypersonic flows. At the same time, the experimental studies suggest the occurrence of other possible forms of perturbed vortex movement of gas that requires further research.
doi:10.17516/1999-494x-2016-9-1-32-38 fatcat:gab42r45rjdrve53lo2gl6ipqa