DiLizium: A Two-Party Lattice-Based Signature Scheme

Jelizaveta Vakarjuk, Nikita Snetkov, Jan Willemson
2021 Entropy  
In this paper, we propose DiLizium: a new lattice-based two-party signature scheme. Our scheme is constructed from a variant of the Crystals-Dilithium post-quantum signature scheme. This allows for more efficient two-party implementation compared with the original but still derives its post-quantum security directly from the Module Learning With Errors and Module Short Integer Solution problems. We discuss our design rationale, describe the protocol in full detail, and provide performance
more » ... tes and a comparison with previous schemes. We also provide a security proof for the two-party signature computation protocol against a classical adversary. Extending this proof to a quantum adversary is subject to future studies. However, our scheme is secure against a quantum attacker who has access to just the public key and not the two-party signature creation protocol.
doi:10.3390/e23080989 fatcat:rv4dezl7lrebpo2rntfbrpcvia