Economic Development Trend Prediction Model Based on Unsupervised Learning in the Internet of Things Environment

Min Kuang, Qiangyi Li
2021 Advances in Multimedia  
In order to explore the economic development trend under the environment of the Internet of Things, this paper improves the chaotic algorithm of the Internet of Things and constructs an economic development trend analysis system based on big data technology. Moreover, this paper analyzes the actual situation of big data processing data and conducts research on economic data analysis process. In addition, this paper conducts effective research on the various modules of functional analysis,
more » ... s the system functional architecture, constructs the system functional structure based on the actual situation, and analyzes the operating process of the system. Finally, this paper designs a simulation test based on actual data. The experimental research results show that the system model proposed in this paper has a good performance in the forecast of economic development trends, and the system can be used for forecasting in subsequent economic development forecasts.
doi:10.1155/2021/2860206 fatcat:zjha7bzwf5hyvdcpjsktsbeyia