Color-tunable bioluminescence imaging portfolio for cell imaging

Shota Tamaki, Nobuo Kitada, Masahiro Kiyama, Rika Fujii, Takashi Hirano, Sung Bae Kim, Shojiro Maki
2021 Scientific Reports  
AbstractThe present study describes a color-tunable imaging portfolio together with twelve novel coelenterazine (CTZ) analogues. The three groups of CTZ analogues create diverse hues of bioluminescence (BL) ranging from blue to far red with marine luciferases. We found that the hue completes the whole color palette in the visible region and shows red-shifted BL with a marine luciferase: for example, Renilla luciferase 8 (RLuc8) and Artificial Luciferase 16 (ALuc16) show 187 nm- and 105
more » ... fted spectra, respectively, by simply replacing the substrate CTZ with 1d. The optical properties of the new CTZ analogues were investigated such as the kinetic parameters, dose dependency, and luciferase specificity. The 2-series CTZ analogues interestingly have specificity to ALucs and are completely dark with RLuc derivatives, and 3d is highly specific to only NanoLuc. We further determined the theoretical background of the red-shifted BL maximum wavelengths (λBL) values according to the extended π conjugation of the CTZ backbone using Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations. This color-tunable BL imaging system provides a useful multicolor imaging portfolio that efficiently images molecular events in mammalian cells.
doi:10.1038/s41598-021-81430-1 pmid:33500496 fatcat:ckz3ln2in5fu5ix3u7cvpghrre