Oseltamivir Enhances Hippocampal Network Synchronization

Atsushi Usami, Takuya Sasaki, Nobuhiro Satoh, Takahiro Akiba, Satoshi Yokoshima, Tohru Fukuyama, Kenzo Yamatsugu, Motomu Kanai, Masakatsu Shibasaki, Norio Matsuki, Yuji Ikegaya
2008 Journal of Pharmacological Sciences  
Oseltamivir, a widely used anti-influenza drug, inhibits virus neuraminidase. A mammalian homologue of this enzyme is expressed in the brain, yet the effect of oseltamivir on central neurons is largely unknown. Patch-clamp recordings ex vivo revealed that oseltamivir enhanced spike synchronization between hippocampal CA3 pyramidal cells. Time-lapse multineuron calcium imaging revealed that oseltamivir and its active metabolite evoked synchronized population bursts that recruited virtually all
more » ... urons in the network. This unique, so-far-unknown, event was attenuated by muscarinic receptor antagonist. Thus, oseltamivir is a useful tool for investigating a new aspect of neural circuit operation. Supplementary Fig. and movie: available only at http://dx.doi.org / 10.1254 / jphs.SC0070467
doi:10.1254/jphs.sc0070467 pmid:18403897 fatcat:cb5la4lqavgxvehpglxybvut3i