Method for producing large, stable concentrations of Sc2+in optically clear CaF2 crystals

C. L. Marquardt, J. F. Pinto, R. E. Allen, L. Esterowitz, A. Yu Dergachev, S. Ke, S. B. Mirov
1998 Journal of Materials Research  
This communication describes a new method for producing stable, high concentrations of Sc 21 in optically clear CaF 2 crystals. We have achieved Sc 21 concentrations as high as 3 3 10 18 cm 23 without degradation of optical quality. We have converted as much as 5% of the scandium dopant to the divalent state. The concentration of divalent scandium is stable during room temperature storage for periods of at least one year.
doi:10.1557/jmr.1998.0035 fatcat:mky6b6lz5nhutl74dkupzodane