A Collection of Experiences of Famous Modern Gynaecologic Herbalists in the Treatment of Uterine Fibroids

2022 Frontiers in Medical Science Research  
Objective: To summarize the experience of famous gynecological Chinese doctors in treating uterine fibroids and the rules of medication in recent times. Methods: To study the literature of famous TCM doctors in gynaecology in recent times, to summarize and summarize the experience of treating uterine fibroids and the rules of medication. Results; the pivot of the woman's uterus is the Chong Ren; internal obstruction of blood stasis is the key to the pathogenesis, cold-dampness,
more » ... phlegm-dampness and kidney deficiency are the main causes of the disease; activating blood circulation, resolving blood stasis and helping the righteousness is the main treatment method, and the treatment is based on the period and the individual; the Chong Ren induces the meridian medicine and focuses on regulating the emotions. Conclusion: By summarizing the experience of modern gynecologically renowned Chinese medicine practitioners in the treatment of uterine fibroids, we have developed therapeutic ideas for the treatment of uterine fibroids, which has guiding significance and practical value.
doi:10.25236/fmsr.2022.040710 fatcat:dp7vhy2dbvgapnsgzim2l2skdq