Development of Abnormal Behavior Monitoring of Structure using HHT
HHT를 이용한 이상거동 시점 추정 기법 개발

Tae-Heon Kim, Ki-Tae Park
2015 Journal of the Korea institute for structural maintenance inspection  
Recently, buildings tend to be large size, complex shape and functional. As the size of buildings is becoming massive, the need for structural health monitoring (SHM) technique is increasing. Various SHM techniques have been studied for buildings which have different dynamic characteristics and influenced by various external loads. "Abnormal behavior point" is a moment when the structure starts vibrating abnormally and this can be detected by comparing between before and after abnormal behavior
more » ... point. In other words, anomalous behavior is a sign of damage on structures and estimating the abnormal behavior point can be directly related to the safety of structure. Abnormal behavior causes damage on structures and this leads to enormous economic damage as well as damage for humans. This study proposes an estimating technique to find abnormal behavior point using Hilber-Huang Transform which is a time-frequency signal analysis technique and the proposed algorithm has been examined through laboratory tests with a bridge model using a shaking table.
doi:10.11112/jksmi.2015.19.2.092 fatcat:ux62ajxfqveghirrc5xmn4fpou