Standardization patterns and dialect/standard convergence: A northwestern Italian perspective

Massimo Cerruti, Riccardo Regis
2014 Language in society  
The paper is inspired by the typology of "dialect/standard constellations" outlined in Auer (2005, 2011), which aims to detect common dynamics in the current processes of dialect/standard convergence in Europe. The specific sociolinguistic situation addressed in this paper involves Italian, Piedmontese and Occitan in Piedmont, a north-western region of Italy. We will analyze a set of linguistic features with the aim of depicting the dynamics of intralinguistic and interlinguistic convergence as
more » ... they relate to the ongoing standardization processes in these languages. Some adjustments to the two types of repertoires drawn by Auer (diaglossia and endoglossic medial diglossia) will be proposed to better suit them, respectively, to the Italo-Romance continuum between Piedmontese rural dialects and standard Italian (which actually consists of two separate subcontinua with intermediate varieties) and to the relationship between Occitan dialects and their planned standard variety (as well as that between Piedmontese and its "Frenchified" standard variety).
doi:10.1017/s0047404513000882 fatcat:q57sqxg2rzeo3kvu6iawjureby