Composing bidirectional programs monadically (with appendices) [article]

Li-yao Xia, Dominic Orchard, Meng Wang
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Software frequently converts data from one representation to another and vice versa. Naively specifying both conversion directions separately is error prone and introduces conceptual duplication. Instead, bidirectional programming techniques allow programs to be written which can be interpreted in both directions. However, these techniques often employ unfamiliar programming idioms via restricted, specialised combinator libraries. Instead, we introduce a framework for composing bidirectional
more » ... grams monadically, enabling bidirectional programming with familiar abstractions in functional languages such as Haskell. We demonstrate the generality of our approach applied to parsers/printers, lenses, and generators/predicates. We show how to leverage compositionality and equational reasoning for the verification of round-tripping properties for such monadic bidirectional programs.
arXiv:1902.06950v1 fatcat:hpw3qndwwrdmtfmelyd2hw7uci